One Second Art Residencies

Gushul Residency Program



The Gushul Studio and Cottage, situated in the town of Blairmore, Alberta, Canada, opened in 1988 as a site for creative residencies for professional artists and writers. Owned by the University of Lethbridge and managed by the Gushul Residency Program Committee, this facility has hosted over 200 artists, scholars and other professionals, and has offered inspiration and sanctuary for the production of their work. (http://www.uleth.ca/finearts/departments/art/gushul-residency-program-artists-and-writers)

For the purposes of the One Second Art Residency and the Leap Second Festival 2016, we would ask that the artist contact us so that we might include you on our previous residents webpage (information may include a short biography, a link to your personal website, and a still image of you and/or your work).

Registered on 2016-12-08 13:06:02.

This residency is assigned to the artist Dirk Vekemans.