One Second Art Residencies

Krishan Mistry


Use of residency (ideas)

As a young poet, this will be my first residency and I really want to get as much out of it as I can. My solution was to think practically. I can't do a lot in one second, but as the residency description reminded me, a computer can! So, I should write a computer program that makes poems, but better yet, a lot of poems. Like a lot a lot of poems. I plan to use some generative text practice but attempt to optimize the code such that I can produce more poetry than anyone else in the one second of my residency! As I always say, if you can't write better poems than everyone else, you can always try to write more poems. Or maybe I'll do a performance piece where I prepare my body such that I sneeze at exactly the moment of the leap second. Actually, I would be pretty interested in researching and practicing an extremely precise method for sneezing.


1st year Brown MFA in Poetry. Spent the last four years in Abu Dhabi. Good cook, bad poet.

Registered on 2016-12-03 15:39:28.

This artist is assigned to the residency Ayatana Artistic Research Program.