One Second Art Residencies

Bartis NoƩmi


Use of residency (ideas)

I want to use this second for not thinking of anything. I am not drinking alcohol since 13 years, simultaneoulsy I am not allowed to meditate, it is too dangerous for me. I wish I could not think of anything for one second while I am awake.

Before that, I will dance with the latin teacher on the table, and after that chat with the cleaning person for instance. On the 16 of December I will start again reading Eliade's book: The myth of the Ethernal Return. I have bad conscience, as this is book is stolen, I remember the owner, never gave him back. I will try to contact him in the new year and return the book as late as it is.


I read and think too much. I am earning my living as a common graphic designer, but my job is annoying me enormously. While working I listen to different radio stations, I cook quite well and sometimes I write poetry. I did not draw anything since a year.

Registered on 2016-12-02 02:02:27.

This artist is assigned to the residency ARTErra rural artistic residencie (Portugal).