One Second Art Residencies

maia nichols


Use of residency (ideas)

I am interested in exploring body language, sound, and movement to communicate with audience members and potentially other interested performers. Through an awareness of space, the distance between bodies, the subtleties of posture, movement, eye contact, creating the possibility for movement and sound to escape the body in a way that is natural, unforced while playing with what
is seductive, manipulative, in the territory of facade, or image creation, versus exposure of the opposite, mortality, fragility, vulnerability, shame. Observing how people behave, fidget, move, shuffle, and hide, I am curious about how we use specific tones, mannerisms, postures, to express our emotions and would like to capture them in the present moment, sensing and receptive to the information that is present in the room. Hypersensitive to the emotion can arise from simple extended eye contact or connection which can
occur through awareness of the present moment while sustaining the pleasure of playing.
How does the body react, how does the mind try to tame it, what is mechanized, what is involuntary? Does the body move differently when it is being watched? I anticipate using film to impose an anthropological observation on action
dissecting the banal phenomena embedded in everyday life addressing mechanistic reaction against intimacy, connection and instinct. Using textile sculptures, to emulate creatures. Imagine, the form of a slate grey bear reflecting on the awkwardness of proximity, a pencil body, an animal body large enough to enclose two-people at a time to view a video. This material insulation pulls the body into a posture in the middle, distance between material objects and living creatures, a pod, a womb, a sac.


Maia Nichols (b. Berkeley) lives and works in Los Angeles. Her gestures involve play, memory, and repetition to create conversations between objects, spaces and individuals. She investigates behavior, interpretation and language to untangle and flatten out ingrained methods of perceiving and moving.  She holds a Bachelor of Psychology and a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of British Columbia. She earned a Masters in the Department of Critical Studies at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California.

Registered on 2016-12-22 17:20:35.

This artist is assigned to the residency Main&Station-Nonesuch embedded (b)anal phenomina.