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Okwei Odili


Use of residency (ideas)

In 2013 I and 2 other musicians were selected from thousands of other talents by UNESCO/Aschberg for three music bursaries across the world. I was sent to Brazil.
In my proposal I remember assuring the judges that I will maximize and milk the opportunity to the best of my ability if selected, and this was what I did.
In my 2 months of living in Bahia, I inspired the formation of the now most important Afrobeat band of Bahia, IFA Afrobeat. Our joint album has been well received by people and critics, won awards, and opened more creative paths for all of us. Currently I founded an exciting project, Aweto Band in Salvador, Brazil.
If given this opportunity in your program, I aim to immerse myself into any environment I find myself, to create, to learn, interact and positively impact in ways that I hope will be lasting.


I am a 32 year old woman from Nigeria, a singer and composer. I am influenced by music and arts from many cultures, and despite being a disciple of musical styles like Afrobeat, Jazz, HipHop, Highlife, Soul, I experiment with many other kinds of genres and sometimes with technology and electronics.

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