One Second Art Residencies

Daniel Giordano


Use of residency (ideas)

To crave Orange Tang
To eat some meat, be wrapped up in rice--I wanna be an onigiri.
To put on lipstick and fake eyelashes
To double knot my Feivue
You wanna go see the burlesque show on that dessert kayak safari?


I make work just might be the visual reprepsrentation of a 'sailor mouth.' It might appeal to the 1989 Jack Nicholson Joker. I channel berserker mode and vicki vermicelli and friends and always go full throttle. My brother's mummified foreskin in a little plastic container is the most prominent and one of my artistic origins.

Registered on 2016-12-09 03:17:40.

This artist is assigned to the residency Nonesuch Paper.