One Second Art Residencies

Victor Matthew Ablorh


Use of residency (ideas)

Ever since I was born, I have been passionate about the conservation nature. I love nature and appreciate the need to conserve it. My strong passion for this has always inspired me to create works of art, which advocate the conservation of nature. I strongly believe that nature is the natural resource for development. It is the only platform for human survival and progress. Thus, it is very important that humanity preserves it for the future generations and develop it as the years go by. In my pursuit for this quest, I always depict a vivid picture of issues about nature and its benefit to mankind. On the other hand I also portray the practical negative consequences which would arise as a result of the destruction of nature. The very topics which I echo in my speeches, during my Art exhibitions are; A forestation, poaching, bush hunting, pollution, deforestation, destruction of wildlife, logging and many topics of such nature. I always try to communicate this message in my work to the audience. I deem it an obligation and a responsibility on my part, as an artist to educate society via my talent and to promote this awareness. I have the conviction that, art is multi- functional; meaning that it can educate, entertain, inspire, motivate, develop, train and change the personality of mankind. I consider art a tool for dissemination of vital information without an obstacle. This fact is evident in illustrations in books for teaching. As a painter and illustrator, I have done artworks with such themes for my advocacy.
I believe in scientific methods combined with art to teach and develop the world. I think art and science are the driving forces of civilization today. This means that art and science are inalienable and have an intrinsic value which is development. Art is the driving force aesthetics and a tool for communication. This concept guides me in my endeavor as an artist. It is the basis for my themes makes my work represent my thought, passion and personality. Because I am a versatile artist, my skills are varied ranging from Comic Art, Painting, illustration, Graphic Design, Web design, interior Design, Animation and Creative Writing. But in spite of my versatility my themes, remain consistent and reflects in all my genre. I believe that every Artist has a responsibility to educate society through his or her talent. I think Art must benefit society either through development, education cultural awareness and practical issues of concern. I believe a talent is the greatest resource of humanity, because it is wealth, a vocation, an asset, an emotional therapy, a priceless and imperishable
treasure of humanity. Therefore a talent which is not recognized and used is a waste of progress. Likewise a talent which does not benefit society is not worthy of honor or appraisal. The beneficial role which Art must play is educating, beautifying, communicating, developing, healing emotions and transforming the world positively.
Therefore If any of these roles has been performed through a talent, then that talent is worthy of recognition. This is the criteria which I grade my Artistic performance. Though I am an artist, I also consider myself a teacher, because my works often teach a lesson in the form of art and illustration. I hope that society would derive lessons from my works and apply the lessons daily as the world needs development and a positive change.


Victor is a versatile artist from Ghana. He was born in Accra on the 17th of June 1981, where he had his elementary school education. He later pursued secondary school education between the years of 1996 and 1999. During that time, he studied Visual Arts. After graduating from high school , he then took a basic course in Textile Design. Four years later studied Animation in a college known as Animation Africa. A year later he studied German at Goethe Institute in Ghana. His versatile nature led him to channel his talent into Comic Art and illustration. His passion for Computer Art compelled him to study and Web Designing a year later. This earned him a professional Certificate. He also pursued a professional course in Graphic Design. His versatile nature led him to study Creative Writing at an online institution called Writers Village Academy . His passion for Art also made him an interior Designer at a club for 2 years during 2010 and 2012. Victor has won 2 international awards and Art contests. Victor has written 15 poems and 2 Novels. Currently, he has established an Art Online College for Teaching Art. He has also attended Art workshops in the field of Animation, at Toon Boom Studios in Canada. Victor has a Certificate in German, after pursuing a language Course in the year 2007. He has taught art for the past 3 years, in the field of Painting, Graphic Design, Web Design, Animation, Comics and Illustration. He has done 3 art exhibitions in his country Ghana and USA- New York . He currently has a PHD and MSC in Web Design. His hobbies are Painting, drawing, designing, writing, reading, sports and research.
He currently has a PHD and MSC from California Creek University – USA.

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