One Second Art Residencies

Jordan Topiel Paul


Use of residency (ideas)

Over the past few years I have been working with, among other ideas, online sound installations that use Network Time to define musical parameters-- an experiment yielding something between a sound installation and audible clock.

For the leap second festival, I would like to produce a piece that plays a single sound during the leap second and only during the leap second.


My work addresses the dynamics of listening, spaces and contemporary culture. Extending from the proposition that music's primary material is listening, my pieces point to an expanded musical context that foregrounds attention, physicality, venue, timing, and genre. My performances and installations have been presented foremost on the internet (http://topiel.info) as well as in apartments, canyons, motels, chapels, museums, galleries, cafes, commercial corridors, public plazas and music spaces throughout North America and Europe.

Registered on 2016-11-30 07:10:12.

This artist is assigned to the residency CeRCCa.